Kitchen Orchid (45 photos) for connoisseurs of comfort

The orchid flower appeared in our houses not so long ago. Previously, it was considered exotic. Orchid - a symbol of love and femininity, a symbol of well-being and fertility, wisdom and refinement. It symbolizes the orchid flower and family comfort.

Its name was given in honor of the goddess of light. This goddess, who saved people from such vices as cruelty and anger, worshiped the inhabitants of the Amazon. But other gods did not agree that only good will rule the world, they drove the beautiful goddess Orchid to the ground, where she now comes to people in the guise of a flower.

Modular kitchen series

Modular kitchen series "Orchid" with an air floral ornament.

Orchid - a symbol of well-being

Orchid symbolizes family comfort and well-being

Orchid symbolizes family comfort and well-being

What a mistress does not want a favorite house to decorate such wonderful flowers. Moreover, care for them is not very complicated, and they bloom almost without interruption.

When the whole family gathers in the kitchen, and during the evening meal will watch your favorite video films, a flowering orchid on the windowsill will complete the feeling of a warm family cosiness.

Furniture and orchid

Manufacturers of kitchen furniture are also familiar with the beautiful orchid. This is evidenced by the fact that they like to call their products such a beautifully sounding name.

Children's furniture

Children's furniture "Orchid" creates in the room for the newborn an atmosphere of calmness and harmony.

These can be chic sets for living rooms or bedrooms, furniture for children's rooms, kitchen sets or bathroom furniture.

For what purposes would not the furniture with such a beautiful floral name be produced, it is united by one thing - the elegance and refinement inherent in the flower of the orchid.

Consider today what kind of kits are available for the Orchid cuisine, at least the most popular and sought-after ones.


Classic set of kitchen furniture

Classic set of kitchen furniture "Orchid" from Italy.

Italian furniture has long been famous for its efficiency and elegance. Not an exception, but this is confirmed by this kitchen set Orchid.

The facades of this kitchen are old-fashioned, decorated with gilded carvings. The stained-glass windows with facet are perfectly combined with the carving of the corner elements.

The kitchen is equipped with reliable fittings and sliding systems. The price for the kit depends on the chosen veneer, facades, stained glass, but it is acceptable for practical and classical lovers of housewives.

Modular option

Modular kitchen series

Modular kitchen series "Orchid" with air floral ornament in a complete set with an angular sink.

Against the background of the classics, the ability to choose a bundle from a fairly wide range of modular group options is a conceptual step forward in furniture design.

Agree that it is very convenient to select the kitchen elementwise, but in the same style, from a single model line.

This model range is represented by more than five dozen elements, among which there are:

  1. closet end with bent facade;
  2. cabinet with a swinging door;
  3. cabinet with glass with a swinging door;
  4. table with drawers;
  5. table for built-in appliances;
  6. table under the sink;
  7. corner table under the sink.

All items are not listed.

Council. When selecting items from the modular kitchen "Orchid" try to arrange it so that the desktop is not too far from the sink or stove and the hostess was comfortable enough to work in the kitchen.

Such an opportunity is available to the buyers of the modular series "Orchid", made of modern high-quality materials. The original kitchen with orchids in the form of a decorative pattern on the kitchen facades of the upper tier creates a special mood of coziness and harmony.

Kitchen Corner

The photo shows the kitchen corner of Orchid.

The photo shows the kitchen corner of Orchid.

Manufacturers of kitchen corners did not bypass the name "Orchid". And soft kitchen corners with this name also find their customers.

In the production of the corner for the kitchen "Orchid" is used laminated chipboard from the best producers of Russia. This furniture is ergonomic, very convenient to use.

The kit includes:

  1. corner sofa with two inner drawers;
  2. the table is not adjustable;
  3. stools - 2 pieces.

Elements of the kit are available in the following sizes:

  1. dimensions of the corner seating: 1.50 × 1.10 × 0.84 meters, and seat depth to the back of 0.47 meters;
  2. the dimensions of the stools are as follows: 0,38х0,30х0,75 meters;
  3. overall dimensions of the table: 1, х0,60х0,75 meters.

The top of the kitchen table is heat-resistant, and the legs are moisture-resistant, which is very convenient.

The laminated chipboard is laminated in several variants:

  1. oak bleached;
  2. alder;
  3. nut.

Variants of upholstery colors are offered at a choice from a fairly wide range of samples:

  1. flock on florque bordeaux;
  2. flock on flock green;
  3. flock on floka coffee with milk;
  4. flock on the flock of coffee;
  5. flock on flock red;

In addition, you can order upholstery from leatherette in different colors.

The price of such corners is quite acceptable, and convenience is invaluable. The kit is delivered in disassembled form and sellers offer assembly service for 10% of the cost of the headset.

But, if you are accustomed to working with your own hands, then you will easily cope with this work yourself, as the corner is equipped with all the fixing elements, and the assembly is accompanied by an assembly instruction.

Instructions for assembling a set of corner furniture for the kitchen.

Instructions for assembling a set of corner furniture for the kitchen.


Kitchen sets with the flower name "Orchid" are offered by furniture manufacturers not a little. We examined only three different in functionality examples.

One thing is clear that furniture with such a romantic name will bring to your home an atmosphere of harmony, comfort and coziness.


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